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Richmond 2017 (3^BL) PDF Stampa

 ...Sunday, 19th March 2017  8.30 AM Venice.

Excitement and thrills as the plane is ready  to take-off.

12.30 AM  Gatwick…


When they ask you to get up at 3 AM and nobody complains, you know something special is happening.

Carrying our luggage outside the airport terminal, a fresh typical English breeze and a cloud-covered sky welcome us marking the beginning of our adventure.

Just arrived in Richmond, each of us is driven to their host family for a quick meet and lunch break before visiting the lovely town.


On the next day, we find ourselves surprised by the smallness of the local school. From now on, we will be divided into two groups and take part to really interesting and motivating activities, always looking forward to those 11.00 AM funny breaks with tea and delicious cookies!


On Monday, we are excited to have an amazing sightseeing tour on a typical London’s red double decker bus, during which we are able to see all the biggest attractions of the city (and a lot of “Pret à Manger” too!) from an unusual point of view.


We spend the other days of the week by visiting all the most important and know museums in the city, including the British Museum, the National and Portrait galleries and the Tate Modern, remembering the endless explanations of our teachers heard in class during the meticulous preparation for the trip.

Of course, we make sure not to miss Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, the Globe theatre, Trafalgar Square, the Millennium Bridge and obviously… the Tower Bridge!

Of course, we cannot leave workshop activities behind: meetings with Oxfam volunteers at school and amusing “competitions” among volcanoes, earthquakes and dinosaurs at the National History Museum are on the agenda.


Wait… What about shopping? After some frenetic tours around Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street, we are lucky enough to get involved into London’s nightlife, with a delicious dinner in the city center and a walk through the most characteristic streets, illuminated by fascinating yellow and white lights, which create an incredibly magic atmosphere together with the sounds coming from the street artists and people all around.

Our excitement grows as we reach the London Eye, where we make our teachers go mad because, hey! We need to take cool pics for Instagram!


Unfortunately, we also experience strong emotions as we hear the news of the terrorist attack at Westminster. Despite everything, we manage to visit the Houses of Parliament on the last day; everyone of us agrees it is a significant and exciting experience.


Well, the classy frenzy of English life is able to make everything seem so beautiful and turn our enthusiasm up to the (cloudy) sky, and we are extremely sad to leave.

Frightening thoughts about getting back to school on the following day cross our tired minds as, charged with souvenirs and still daydreaming, we hear that familiar sound: “This is the last call for flight Gatwick-Venice:”.





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