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From 19th to 26th March our class and 3BL went to London on a study-holiday. As soon as we landed at  Gatwick airport, we took a coach and arrived in Richmond, a lovely town on the river Thames.  We met the manager of the school, Oxford House College and then went  to our host  families by taxi. Most of the families were kind and helpful, and we also generally  enjoyed the meals.


We went to school from Monday to Friday and we had lessons from 9.30 am to 12.30 am. We were divided in 2 different classes. Even though we only had 3 hours in class per day, we learnt a lot. The lessons were based on speaking, writing and listening activities, and we also had the opportunity to have with us a person that volunteers for a non-profit association called Oxfam,  that has been  trying to reduce global poverty for decades. The teachers were very friendly and nice to us, so learning was both fun and interesting.


We had a very intense  programme so  every afternoon we had something to visit and see. The museums that we visited are the National Gallery, the Portrait Gallery, the British Museum, the Natural History Museum (in which we also did a workshop) and the Tate Modern. We went on a sightseeing bus tour and enjoyed a cruise tour on the river Thames. We spent the whole of Tuesday afternoon at Hampton Court, one of Henry VIII’s residences. We admired the parks in front of the Buckingham Palace and went to Harrods before visiting the city by night. On Thursday evening we had dinner in London all together and we had a walk around the city centre. It was great! On the last day we went to The Globe, where we had the chance to listen to a guide talking about Shakespeare and his theatre. It was very interesting. We had a guided tour inside of the Houses of Parliament too, and that was an experience too.


We all enjoyed this trip very much, and it has helped us a lot to practice and improve our English, as well as  to become more responsible. We spent a really good time together and everything (from the organization to the relationships between us) was great. To conclude, we’d like  to thank our teachers and our headmistress that gave us the possibility to experience all this.

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