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PROGETTO EDUCHANGE  in collaborazione con l’associazione AIESEC - Italia


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Quest’anno il nostro istituto ha aderito al progetto EduChange che porta nelle scuole italiane volontari provenienti da altri paesi del mondo con l’obiettivo di arricchire l'offerta formativa e favorire l'apertura alla multiculturalità delle nuove generazioni.

Il Liceo Percoto ha accolto con molto piacere la studentessa universitaria, Noriana Franco, proveniente dalla Colombia, per 6 settimane. Noriana ha collaborato con i docenti di inglese e ha lavorato con diverse classi dell’istituto. Ci ha fatto conoscere il suo paese d'origine e assieme ai ragazzi ha affrontato tematiche di rilevanza globale e di attualità.


Questa esperienza è stata estremamente arricchente per tutti noi. Noriana ha portato entusiasmo e curiosità nelle classi ed ha lasciato un segno nel nostro percorso di crescita personale.

Ringraziamo veramente di cuore le due famiglie che si sono rese disponibili ad accogliere Noriana per il periodo del suo soggiorno in Friuli.


Condividiamo un breve sunto delle esperienze che le classi hanno vissuto in queste 6 settimane e ringraziamo Noriana per la sua fattiva collaborazione, il suo impegno e la sua generosità.


A couple of weeks ago we had the great opportunity to meet Noriana, a young girl from Colombia who came to our class to explain a lot of interesting things about Colombia and its culture.
Thanks to her personal experience, we now know more about Colombian lifestyle and we can understand how lucky we are because we live in a safe country where our lives are much more protected. She also allowed us to know more about human rights in Colombia and she presented us with a very interesting history of the nation.
She invited us to do some research work in groups on different topics: gender equality, education, consequences of war, right to live in peace, living without fear and minorities in Colombia.
We are really grateful for this experience. It Made us think about how hard it is to live a life that isn’t as easy as ours. Thank you Noriana, we will remember your interesting and original lessons.
Class 4DU


In the period between January and February our class 5BU was involved in the Educhange project. We hosted a volunteer from Colombia, a young woman named Noriana, who introduced us to the history of her country and to the situation it is currently facing in the aftermath of a 20 year-long civil war. It was very interesting to discover the history of a less-known country, particularly when we were assigned the task of elaborating on a certain topic related to Columbia’s situation. All things considered we really enjoyed our time with Noriana and hope to see her again soon.

Class 5BU


After Christmas holidays we have been given the opportunity to discover the Colombian culture thanks to Noriana, an exchange student from Colombia, who spent six weeks with us.
The first lessons were focused on the history of Colombia, from V century to our days and then we deepened civil war and its consequences. We made a group work related to this topic and we learned how war, and environmental problems, gender inequality can influence everyday life of the Colombian citizens and undermine the existence of minorities. Moreover, we compared Italian and Colombian women’s situation and we found out that, even if it is commonly believed that in Colombia there is a bigger inequality, the situation in Italy isn't good too. We learned to be aware of our problems especially of women’s situation and we learned that GIRL POWER IS THE WAY.

Class 4BU


Getting to know a new country is always interesting and fulfilling, our class wanted to thank you, Noriana, for sharing with us the history, the traditions and the culture of yours. We really enjoyed the few hours we spent with you and we would have liked to have more time, because we didn’t know so much about Colombia before meeting you and the way you showed us the colorful place you belong to made us feel part of it. We appreciate how you explained Colombia’s pros and cons without omitting anything, being clear and professional but still spontaneous, not boring at all. You are so proud of being Colombian: the way you talked about your country, the way you presented it made us feel how much you love it and we are grateful to have been given the possibility to confront with another reality, different from ours in some aspects. We think that’s fundamental for the personal formation of every individual. However we discovered that Italy and Colombia face very similar problems, even if in Colombia they are way more heavy and complex than in here.

It’s been interesting having your point of view, since not everything we hear on the news or read online can actually be true or exact, instead your voice was your country’s voice.

We had the chance to talk during your lessons, to work together and with such a young teacher and ambassador, we’re grateful for this experience, which enriched us. We hope you’ll come back someday, meanwhile take good care of yourself and don’t stop spreading your culture because this is what people all around the world need: to share, to know and to appreciate each aspect of other countries, because if we do that, then we have hope to create a better future.

Class 4CL


From 8th January until 5th February we had the pleasure to meet Noriana, a young Colombian girl who presented us her culture, country and various things strictly connected to it, such as the school system and the biodiversity, that is one of the most important environmental Colombian characteristics. She didn’t just highlight the good things but also the bad ones, such as the drug cartels and the lack of non corrupted politicians, such bad news for a country that has tons of amazing chances to redeem itself. She has been hosted in Gemona del Friuli by one of our classmates, Ilaria, Noriana had the chance to go to the mountains and see the snow for the first time, so she was able to discovered new things and had the pleasure to live the Italian culture at its most. We did had some understanding problem since she wasn’t a native English speaker but since she was self taught we really admired her path along her personal enrichment. Unluckily one hour per week wasn’t enough to get really in touch with her, some of our classmates highlighted this points about her stay here, so if the project had been a bit longer we would have enjoyed it more.

Class 4AE


From this experience we got to know different aspects of Colombia, Noriana made us change our minds about all the stereotypes towards her country we believed true. She shared with us her experience as a law student, but mostly as a woman living in Colombia and she had always been available and accurate in responding to all the questions and concerns we exposed to her. We were surprised to discover that lots of the information we had found on the internet were partly or completely false, in fact she has disproved or corrected most of the facts we had researched in order to be prepared for her lessons.

We learned about Colombian culture, geography, history and society and compared the Italian school system with the Colombian one discovering significant differences.

Furthermore, working in groups, we created a few online presentations about some important issues of Colombia like gender equality, minority groups, peace and access to education. We had the chance to confront our knowledge with her  though experience. She opened our eyes to the fact that we were a bit passive about women rights and gender equality even in our own country.

This cultural exchange has enriched both sides and created a springboard that we, as students, will use as a start in order to achieve a better understanding of the world and an opener mind, essential to live in nowadays’ multicultural environment.

Class 4BL


During the month of January, we had the pleasure of working with Noriana Franco, a Colombian student from Santa Marta. Her studies were mainly focused on human rights. Thanks to her knowledge and experiences we learned a lot about Colombian history and the current humanitarian situation in her country. She made us aware of many issues related to the Colombian society, culture and nature. Noriana proved our stereotypes of Colombia were wrong by showing us what her country really is like besides the drug-trafficking and political problems. After introducing us to her country and its history, she asked us to do research on specific humanitarian issues, namely gender equality, education, the right to live in peace and the rights of minority groups. We have all enjoyed the EduChange project, as it wasn't only an opportunity to learn about Colombia, but also to have a clearer view on the situation in our own country.

Class 4DL


Within the last month my class and I had the opportunity to meet Noriana, a girl from Colombia who decided to do an Exchange program here in Italy. It has been a very interesting and enriching experience because she described her country from the historical and social point of view without being boring , which was really helpful in order to know the Country in a better way. She is a truly open minded person, in fact she told us she would like to work with a lot of different people because her dream is to travel and discover different cultures. She believes in human rights and wanted us to understand that although they are improving in Colombia, the process is not as complete as It is in western countries.

Noriana was very kind with us and everyone is pleased to have met her, also because she was funny so the time we spent together was really worth it.

Class 5BL

The whole class agrees on the fact that the EduChange experience with Noriana Franco was an interesting, exciting and above all a very educative program.

We appreciate the chance given to us to learn about Colombia directly through a citizen of the country.

We found that learning and discussing with a native of the country was an effective way for us to understand the differences between our two realities.

This experience gave us an insight into the beautiful and even brutal aspects of Colombia.

Knowing how educative, insightful and exciting this experience was we all agree on the fact that the time dedicated to this program was very little. Nevertheless the program served its purpose of educating and shining light upon existing realities.

Class 4BE



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