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MINI STAY in OXFORD (8/15 April 2018) : 4 students 3DL- 4CU-4BU-4CL PDF Stampa E-mail
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HOSPITALITY : The families where friendly and welcoming                             8                            

most of the time but sometimes they were not too friendly.                                  

Some families didn’t spend too much time with us.                                              


FOOD: The food was above our expectations but in some                                  8.5

cases cultural differences have pointed out some wide differences                    

between their food and ours.                          


AVAILABILITY: If in need, all the people were extremely available                 8.5

TIDINESS: Almost all the houses were perfectly clean and tidy.                        8.5

TRAVEL ORGANIZATION: All means of transport were always on                 9  

time. All drivers were kind and polite.


SCHOOL: The school was about 15 minutes by bus away from our                

houses. The teachers and the staff were all competent and available.                   9.5            

All the lessons were interesting and useful in the near future.                                        

The school cafeteria was well organized especially during lunch time.  


TRIPS: All the afternoon outings were interesting and exciting.                              

We visited some different places every afternoon so that we could                       8              

know Oxford in a deeper way. Particularly interesting                                              

were the trips to London and Stratford-upon-Avon.


GUIDES: The guides were extremely prepared. They gave us detailed                

information about all the buildings we saw. They also told us some                  7.5

interesting facts about the books or movies which were set in those                      

places, such as Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland.

Class 4CU


Learning in Oxford


During our school trip we have done several and interesting activities. In the mornings we had lessons at The Oxford English Centre in Oxford. We were divided into three different groups, related to our English level: the intermediate, the upper intermediate and the advanced ones. Our activities were similar in each group, but different in the difficulty of the exercises and activities provided. We focused on the pronunciation and on the improvement of our vocabulary, in order to perfect our English. During the following days we deepened our skills in doing oral presentations and speaking in public, making conversations between us and using improvisation. The aim of these dialogues was to build up our confidence in speaking about job-related topics. We focused also on body language and on communicative techniques to make our speech more effective. Furthermore, we learned how to make questions correctly, how to reply fast and how to sound more "British". Eventually, through some listening activities we improved our comprehension abilities and we learned how to write a curriculum and how to deal with a job interview.

Class 4BU


During this school trip in Oxford we had the chance to live various experiences every day.                                     Every afternoon we did something different, from visiting the colleges and Stratford to doing ASL activities. We visited Christ Church College (which is also one of the sets of the Harry Potter’s movies and the place where “Alice in Wonderland” was written), the Divinity College with its incredible library and Stratford-upon-Avon (the village where Shakespeare was born).                                                                               We also did some charitable activities: we visited the Gatehouse, which is an association that helps the homeless and got to know the “Big Issue”. It is a street newspaper that exists to offer homeless people the opportunity to earn a legitimate income and to help them to reintegrate into mainstream society. Then we made up some projects to raise funds for a cause of our choice and shared them with the people in the streets of Oxford in order to convince them to sign for our hypothetical project. This whole experience has been an enrichment for us and we are glad to have been given the opportunity to take part to it.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Class 4CL


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