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Settimana studio ad Oxford - Classi 3Bl e 3DL dal 22 al 29 aprile 2018 PDF Stampa E-mail
Martedì 29 Maggio 2018 07:47

Settimana studio ad Oxford - Classi 3Bl e 3DL dal 22 al 29 aprile 2018


Accompagnatori: proff. M. Iacob, A. Marrazzo e M. Roson


Nel mese di aprile le classi 3BL e 3DL hanno vissuto un'esperienza intensa di settimana studio intesa anche come ASL in ambito socioeconomico, culturale e linguistico, presso The Oxford English Centre di Oxford.

La settimana, oltre ad essere dedicata allo studio della lingua inglese, ha offerto agli studenti opportunità di contatto con diverse realtà locali e associazioni di volontariato come il Big Issue e the Gatehouse Caffè, sviluppando competenze comunicative, linguistiche , organizzative, di autonomia, attraverso l’incontro con l’altro , il disagio economico e sociale  e la conoscenza di realtà spesso trascurate e non osservate nel Paese straniero.

Le visite culturali a musei, e workshop finalizzati alla conoscenza di luoghi, di autori studiati a scuola, dell’arte, hanno motivato gli studenti ad approfondire e apprezzare la bellezza e la diversità della realtà straniera.


Our Trip to Oxford


Our class went to Oxford from 22nd to 29th of April and we spent a week there.


As soon as we arrived in Oxford, we met our host family. During our stay, our host parents were really kind to us and welcoming, and every time we needed something they were really helpful and polite. Unluckily the food wasn’t as good as we expected, and maybe it was a little bit too spicy.


We went to school from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 12.30. We were divided into 3 classes according to our level. In our opinion, the lessons were really interesting. We improved our speaking and writing skills a lot and we learnt useful new words. The teachers were really qualified and they were able to involve us in the lessons.


Each afternoon we went to visit some part of Oxford, where we saw colleges (we even visited the college were Harry Potter was partly shot!), museums, parks, theatres and we wandered the city, or a few nearby cities, such as Stratford-Upon-Avon. 

On Saturday we also had the opportunity to go to London and we visited the Natural History Museum, the Globe, the TATE, Harrods and then we had some time to go shopping. 


We really enjoyed this amazing adventure that came about thanks to our teachers.

We have to thank The Oxford English Centre for such an amazing reception, for the great teaching and the organization.


To conclude, this journey has broadened our horizons. It has made us know a culture and ideas different from ours.

Class 3BL

Oxford – April 2018

From 22th to 29th April class 3BL went to Oxford for a study holiday. The trip turned out to be very useful for our communication skills and our use of English.


Every morning from Monday to Friday we went to school to have lessons that were mostly focused on volunteering and jobs (E.g. job interview, public speaking). The Oxford English Centrewas the name of the school we attended for the week. We were divided into 3 groups according to the level of the students: Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. All of us think that the teachers were well-prepared and kind.

What really struck us all was the food. Due to the different cultures in England we found it difficult to get accustomed to their food traditions. We realized they eat little vegetables and fruit because they cost more.

Families were welcoming and very kind, but we didn't spend too much time with them. As a result, we learned how to be autonomous and do things by ourselves in a foreign land. 

Usually in the afternoon, we spent our time sightseeing in Oxford or London with highly qualified guides. In Oxford, we visited Christ Church College and the city centre and in Stratford-upon-Avon we saw Shakespeare's Birthplace. In London, we toured the Natural History Museum, the Tate Modern Museum, Shakespeare's Globe and the National Portrait Gallery and had a look at St. Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. It was a beautiful experience we won't ever forget; it was worth it! 

Class 3BL


Oxford, seen through 3DL's eyes


The long-awaited day had come: 23rd April 2018. The alarm rang. It was 2 a.m. But we all woke up with the same thrilled spirit, full of energy and curiosity for the great experience that was about to start. Our feet had already touched  English soil  by 8 am.


Our days were very well organized and planned, starting from the first day, when we got to know our families, our temporary school, and immediately after, the awesome city that would have been hosting us for an entire week. During our stay we attended some courses in a local school where we could study and analyze some techniques on how to improve our communication skills. Stimulating, interesting and amusing. That’s how we could define our activities in school. 


In the afternoons we went to visit different buildings and the prestigious university that make Oxford such a famous city all over the world. Without giving up on at least an hour of free time per day, we were able to visit lots of different places, especially museums, including the Pitt Rivers Museum, Christ Church College in Oxford, or the huge Natural History Museum in London; it’s important to mention our trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, where, following a very interesting workshop, we learnt lots about Shakespeare’s mysterious and fascinating life. There’s more: our full-day-excursion to London where we visited nothing less than The Globe, The Tate Modern and even the National Gallery. Last but not least, the amazing karaoke night we had at school. Yes, karaoke, exactly! We accompanied Abba, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and lots of other artists with our singing, having such a great and amusing time.


What should we add more? We would obviously have to mention some cons, but there were so many pros that we didn’t even think about negative things. We miss England. We miss Oxford, the house of Alice in Wonderland, its unique university (that inspired the magical world of Harry Potter) and its atmosphere, full of history and… magic. In conclusion, we must say that this was one of the most beautiful trips we have ever been on and, as often school trips do, it has strengthened social bonds in class, giving the opportunity to everybody to take up a challenge in the different situations we had to face. We are pretty sure that this experience will be impossible to be forgotten, and will certainly remain in our best memories of high school.

Federico, Giorgia, Leonora, Sara, Virginia

Class 3DL 


"Personally, I really enjoyed the lessons in the school. They were very interesting and I found them very useful. They helped me a lot with my language skills and together we  also learned how to write useful things such as a Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter."

Sofia - 3DL


“Travelling abroad doesn't only make you experience a different culture and lifestyle but also helps you to open your horizons. Before I went to the UK I thought English people were kind of cold but after two passers-by stopped (without even asking them to) to give us directions because we looked lost, I completely changed my mind.” 

Caterina – 3DL


“We had a great experience in Oxford, I appreciated English people’s kindness, very helpful and welcoming. I was struck by their awareness about charity and the activities proposed regarding homeless people.”

Martina D. - 3DL


“The mini-stay in Oxford was a great experience and I had a good time. What I liked the most is "The Globe", th Shakespearean theatre that was first burned by "the Great fire of London", rebuilt a few times, and reopened in 1997 for the last time. I liked the building, the explanation of the guide and also the thing that well-known actors continue to perform in it as a tribute to Shakespeare and his plays.“

Leonardo – 3DL


“One of the best things for me, during our stay in England, was the family. I was a little bit worried but they turned out to be amazing, kind, helpful, sweet and caring towards us. I've been very lucky with them, they were always there for me and my friend. Surprisingly the food was great and the house was very cozy.” 

Francesca C. - 3DL


“Travelling with your best friends is probably on everybody's bucket list and I'm very grateful I got to do it by going to one of the most historically famous cities in England.”


“It was a pleasure to have had the possibility to spend most of our evenings in Oxford. We had lots of activities planned there and each of them was interesting and gave us the opportunity to see Oxford from different points of view. It’s a city that will always have a place in our hearts because of its diversity, architecture, culture and the college life.
We also found it vibrant and quiet and clean at the same time. We hope to have the opportunity to go back there again!”

Almina and Sabrina – 3DL


“Thanks to the classes we attended I had the opportunity to find out more about job interviews and presentation skills. We practiced a lot and we simulated some typical situations. Personally, I found it very interesting and useful, and I will treasure the advice we were given for my future.”

Julia – 3DL


“One of the things I enjoyed most about this experience was absolutely our visit to London: we had the opportunity to take a walk along the river Thames and to visit the National Gallery; I could feel the magic of that place and I loved every minute I spent there, surrounded by art. If I could, I would go back there immediately.”

Arianna - 3DL











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