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Venerdì 24 Maggio 2019 10:53


Vogliamo condividere con tutti voi la soddisfazione per il meritato traguardo raggiunto da 5 studenti dell’indirizzo LES. I ragazzi si sono cimentati in una prova impegnativa ma stimolante: esprimere in un video, da loro realizzato in lingua inglese, la propria visione della scuola di lingue del futuro. Nella cornice delQuality English Day, svoltosi Il 4 maggio scorso nella sede della Scuola Superiore dell’Università di Udine, si è svolta la premiazione dei vincitori. Scelto tra 15 squadre, il gruppo, auto battezzatosi “School and Chill”, è stato premiato con un soggiorno studio di 2 settimane per ciascun partecipante: le destinazioni saranno Liverpool, Bristol, Dublino, Torquay e il Somerset.  Il Liceo Percoto vince anche un ulteriore soggiorno studio da destinare ad uno studente particolarmente meritevole.

M. Cristina Antonucci e Giuseppina Locurto

This project started with our group formed by Elisa, Djamila, Fatima, Giovanni and I  sharing ideas about what we wanted a Quality English School to be like. Afterwards we pinned down the best ideas which we all agreed on, we worked at the video starting from what each of us should say. I personally took care of the graphic aspect by making a PowerPoint that would help to make the video more understandable and more enjoyable. After days of work we finished it. We felt satisfied with the final product and we sent it to the competition board. I'm glad that all our efforts were finally rewarded with a fantastic victory!

Andrea (3AE)



I am Djamila and I attend the fourth year of LES. Together with other four students we formed a team

and took part in  “My Ideal school of English”competition!

The goal was to  say how an ideal  school of English should be like for us. After several afternoons of

work together, we produced a video that was awarded the first prize on May 4th at the Toppo Wasserman

building. It was an breathtaking emotion, I felt very lucky and proud of the work done thanks above all

to the help and advice of our two English teachers, who have constantly followed and supported us.

Djamila (4AE)


This experience with Quality English was like a surprise for me, because I discovered it only with

this contest. It was an exciting topic: the school of our future. The work was hard, much harder that

we expected. But now, we have won this opportunity to enrich our experiences and discover new

cultures. I can only say one thing to the Quality English group: thank you all for this opportunity

that you have given us. 

Giovanni (1BE)


We started out brainstorming our ideas, then we selected the best ones and we divided them into five,

each one of us had to write a paragraph about the topic we had chosen. After we wrote the paragraph

we corrected them with our teachers Mrs Antonucci and Mrs Locurto. When everything was ready

we started to film the video that turned out very well.

It’s been a beautiful journey that led to a great success, I cannot wait to leave for my destination!

Elisa (4AE)


When this project was proposed to me and the other students by our teachers we were very excited.

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in this project and it was nice to share our ideas

about our ideal school and to come out with one big idea.

I really enjoyed this experience with the other students and I am glad I shared this victory with them and

with our school …. I can’t wait to go to Bristol!

Fatima (2BE)


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